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Fundamentals These classes are the very foundation of all other classes. If you have never taken a class with your dog before, this is the place to start.
Competition Obedience These classes prepare the dog and handler for formal obedience competition.



These classes prepare the dog and handler for agility competition.


Rally These classes prepare dogs with some basic obedience skills for competition in Rally Obedience and practices obedience fundamentals in a fun and exciting way.



Therapy Dog Skills




Nosework is a fun and fast growing sport where dogs search for essential oil scent similar to drug or bomb detection dogs.  We will use the method of shaping (Operant Conditioning) and back chaining. The dog "finds" the odor by accident and is rewarded at source.

Therapy Dog Skills Class will help handler/dog teams develop and practice proactive skills to visit people safely, effectively and in a professional manner in a therapeutic setting. This class will also help prepare handler/dog teams for therapy dog certification.


These classes prepare the dog and handler for competition in the conformation ring. It is currently being run on a 6 week class schedule.





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